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Top 10 GDPR Solution Companies in Europe - 2019

Data protection and privacy safeguarding stand at the core of every influential business in this age. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced to provide added layers of security and transparency for European citizens. The GDPR has proven beneficial for many a company and customer alike. It has created leaner, more efficient security practices that have, in turn, strengthened the company-consumer relationships. On the other hand, non-compliance can lead to the loss of millions in revenue for a company, and it runs a larger risk of losing customer loyalty. While adhering to the regulations might be a challenge, it is also a blessing in disguise. It is a new stage that companies can use to display their innovations and intelligent approaches in shaping data management and privacy compliance.

Following the guidelines of the GDPR thoroughly might pose various challenges to emerging companies in the market. That is why it is crucial for organisations to form strong partnerships with GDPR solution providers. Solution providers assist companies by integrating cloud technologies and big data management in methods that are compliant with the GDPR, thereby saving time and money. The right GDPR solution provider will undoubtedly provide a steady foothold for organisations looking to expand or grow into the European market. However, in a vast technological market, there is a multitude of vendors who offer data encryption and other security solutions. This creates a predicament in choosing a cutting-edge solution that best fits your company and its vision.

The industry that provides GDPR solutions is a relatively young one. Nevertheless, it is growing rapidly. It entails an extensive range of organizations within it. While most companies have only adapted their technologies to meet the technological trends, the ones mentioned on this list are the trendsetters and leaders in providing GDPR solutions. To help organizations choose vendors that offer apt and innovative solutions to meet their needs, CIOReview has compiled a list of the top 10 GDPR solution providers to tackle today’s challenges. The companies on this list provide elegant, safe, and cost-effective solutions in compliance with the GDPR. We introduce you to the cherry-picked best possible solutions that are tailor-made and delivered to cover your company-specific needs. CIOReview presents to you an exclusive edition of “10 Most Promising GDPR Solution Providers in Europe 2019.”

    Top GDPR Solution Companies in Europe

  • Data Reporter provides organizations with software that is capable of making their website GDPR compliant in 10 minutes and enabling them to remain GDPR compliant over time. The Austria-based DataReporter is leading the market with its ability to simplify GDPR compliance through automation. DataReporter’s product Privacy Complete has the ability to create and maintain those documents as per the requirements. With DataReporter Privacy, once the parent company achieves GDPR compliance, the changes are automatically implemented throughout the chain of subsidiaries

  • OMNIPRIVACY is a 360-degree GDPR management tool that ensures total control and oversight of GDPR readiness, reduces the costs, improves efficiency, and enables stakeholders to monitor the status of GDPR. In order to provide efficient data privacy to its clients, OMNIPRIVACY monitors seven critical processes: processing register, contract management, data leaks, privacy requests, document management, risk management, and dashboards. OMNIPRIVACY is a part of the OMNITRACKER platform with a different approach and deployment model, but is backed by the latter’s decades of presence in the market. As one of the GDPR solution providers in Europe, OMNIPRIVACY plans to integrate reliable data security tools into its data privacy solution stack in the forthcoming days

  • The Privacy Factory has developed their GDPR solution according to a Plan-Do-Check-Act management approach, resulting in the development of a role-based Software as a Service platform. The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle has been translated into a role-based GDPR implementation stategy which is executed by the Inspector, Policy maker,Planner and Controller roles. The platform is a one-stop-shop GDPR solution which encompasses the Privacy Manager (for accountability), Privacy Academy (for training) and Privacy Consultant (for DPO as a Service)

  • BrainWave GRC

    BrainWave GRC

    Brainwave GRC is a leading, and well-known software vendor focused on identity analytics and intelligence. The company was founded in 2010 by a team of IT security professionals, experts in Identity and Access Management, to helps organizations protect their sensitive assets and fight against fraud and cyber risks. Their solutions are dedicated to data and application security. The solution enables clients to optimize and control data and application governance to ensure the best security for the company continuously. Brainwave Identity GRC solutions can be implemented in just a few days and can cover 100% of applications and data

  • Didomi


    Didomi is the best platform that allows managing data privacy compliance without technical knowledge. The company enables privacy professionals all around the globe to be independent in their mission. Didomi's platform is open with rich APIs and complete documentation. It allows developers to build custom integrations with little effort. The platform is built for privacy professionals. Their Compliance Console enables clients to monitor, deploy, and adapt their privacy policy in real-time across all systems, including websites, mobile apps, internal databases, and many more with minimal involvement of the engineering teams

  • DPMS


    DPMS prepares organizations and companies for the compliance of the General Regulation of the European Union on Data Protection (RGPD) through their solutions. It allows companies to set up a true data governance strategy. The PrivaCIL-DPMS solution is a dedicated DPO SaaS solution that offers organizations the opportunity to prepare for compliance with GDPR. PrivaCIL-DPMS, in line with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation in the area of ​​accountability, complies with the CNIL label to certify the governance of organizations. PrivaCIL-DPMS is an upgradable, scalable solution that works with a base module and optional modules

  • GDPR365


    Two software entrepreneurs founded GDPR Compliance Ltd. with a backup of a successful track record in building cloud-based businesses where data management was critical. GDPR Compliance an online privacy compliance service that helps small businesses understand, implement, and ensure ongoing compliance. The company has a new General Data Protection Regulation that will pose a significant challenge to small businesses that have limited resources and are without an in-house legal team. GDPR Compliance Ltd. solutions include data mapping tools, data breach management, GDPR dashboard, and subject access request

  • Smart Global Privacy

    Smart Global Privacy

    Smart GDPR is a one-of-a-kind solution that meets the real need of organizations to comply with the GDPR. The company provides organizations with the global method of compliance and its maintenance, with the help of workflow specialized in GDPR and SaaS Smart GDPR. The Smart GDPR® marketplace allows companies to find all the complementary GDPR solutions that they might require in one place, under the best possible conditions: consulting, training, security, insurance, data intelligence, consent, and DPO (Data Protection Officer) lawyer. These solutions providers are also the company's prescribers and resellers. Indeed, they have the means to sell faster and better because they finally respond because of the ecosystem, to the full needs of the customers

  • Sovy


    With a firm belief that getting compliance right should not be expensive Sovy, makes compliance simple and affordable for every business. The company is dedicated to simplifying business compliance for Small to Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) globally. SMEs doing business locally can be subject to international regulations, such as the GDPR. Increasingly, SMEs are serving customers around the world and are part of global supply-chain networks. Those global activities subject businesses to international and local-market regulations. These can be complex, confusing, and costly. Sovy Compliance Hub is a one-stop-shop for a full suite of compliance solutions, offered by affordable subscription and available in the local language

  • Waterford Technologies

    Waterford Technologies

    Experts in Email and File Compliance and Management Waterford Technologies provide the toolset, expertise, and insight to bring your Unstructured Data (email and file) to light, make Data decisions based on fact, and set policies to keep it compliant. The company's solution enables Data Mapping, Management, and Movement to migrate data to the Cloud and Local Storage securely. They help companies to gain a real insight into their File and email Data, and to take action to remain compliant with standards, save on expensive storage and free up IT resources from mundane tasks. Waterford Technologies email solution, MailMeter, turbocharges the eDiscovery process and provides massive ROI on discovery projects / legal proceedings

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