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Top 10 GDPR Solution Companies in UK – 2020

The UK left the EU on January 31, 2020. After the transition period, the UK will no longer be regulated domestically by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Instead, the UK has passed its own version into law, known as the UK-GDPR (United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation). The UK-GDPR is essentially the same law as the European GDPR, only changed to accommodate domestic areas of law.

On the flip side, the GDPR has demonstrated itself to be a compliant regulation in support of digital solutions during the pandemic. At present, when considerable sections of the workforce are being compelled to work from home and students are being taught in virtual classrooms, the demand for robust data privacy and protection is required now more than ever. The GDPR provides guidance, support, and standards as the world follows its modern routine in response to COVID-19.

Further, with an increasing number of devices getting access to the web, the Internet of things is becoming a reality. And due to its rising usage and expansion, several privacy concerns associated to IoT are being raised. Now, the time when IoT gets so comprehensive, it requires standard security updates and checks. Still, it is preferable to address the issue while in its early stages than altering entire networks and frameworks later. Besides, as computers are becoming smarter and artificial intelligence behind the corner, companies are raising the question should sentient machines be permitted access to personal data. And while there’s no denying this predicament would have to be fixed soon, there are still some more pressing issues to tackle. One of them is ransomware. Severe damage is occurring year after year from ransomware attacks than from data leakage. Hence, it is a matter which furnishes a unique challenge and needs to be tackled systematically to stop it.

The GDPR will continue in its visionary trajectory, centring on enhancing objectives, and informing citizens of their rights.

CIOReview’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted a number of the foremost prominent organizations within the GDPR solution providers industry. We hope this issue of the CIOReview helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven learning environment.

We present to you CIOReview’s “Top 10 Most Promising GDPR Solution Providers in UK - 2020.”

    Top GDPR Solution Companies in UK

  • Be Secure is a Jersey-based data consultancy business specialising in GDPR data protection, ISO 27001 Information Security, data privacy and cyber security. Specialises in simplifying and bolstering an organisation’s GDPR data protection and security compliance capabilities. The company offers a wide array of GDPR data protection services, ISO 27001 information security and cyber security services that advise clients on how to best manage their information assets and business systems. Be Secure truly focuses not only on an organisation’s security requirements but also makes sure to advise on adopting the technologies that perfectly align with their client's data protection objectives

  • Clym


    Clym is the data privacy platform that helps organisations meet their data protection obligations. Cookies, Consent, Requests, Policies and more are all managed in a secure and adaptive application. Clym helps clients collect, control and manage the data that is relevant for their company in a transparent way

  • Digital Guardian

    Digital Guardian

    Digital Guardian is no-compromise data protection. The company’s cloud-delivered data protection platform is purpose-built to stop data loss by both insiders and outsiders on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform performs across the corporate network, traditional endpoints, and cloud applications

  • espyder


    eSpyder has been designed from the ground up to support Data Protection Officers (DPOs) in their roles, ensuring company compliance with the GDPR regulations and best business practice. eSpyder allows DPOs to respond to Data Subject Access Requests (SARs) easily and quickly. It also allows you to track your progress in terms of SARs processing and corporate data storage and retention

  • eXate


    Exate Technology protects data in order to allow firms to safely use Cloud Technologies, as well as to comply with Cross-Border Data Transfers and Global Data Privacy Regulations. Data is a valuable asset and Exate's patent pending "passport control for data"​ solution allows clients to apply rules which easily and effectively control how data is accessed and reported

  • Keepabl


    Named GDPR Company of the Year in 2019, to the RegTech Power 50 in 2020 and to the RegTech100 for 2021, Keepabl's award-winning SaaS Solution is an intuitive GDPR framework, showing you exactly where clients are on GDPR and next steps, instantly creating GDPR KPIs and reports, and optimising ongoing compliance and working with clients team and trusted advisers

  • Point Progress

    Point Progress

    Point Progress provides cloud based software for any size of business to help manage staff expenses, holiday and absence and clients GDPR obligations. The company works with companies all over the world who want to minimise the time and costs required to manage these tasks

  • Proteus-Cyber


    Proteus-Cyber Ltd is a specialist in Integrated Risk Management software that released its new software, Proteus®GDPReady™. The company believes this to be the first GDPR software toolkit on the market that fully supports the GDPR process and helps DPOs to get and keep their organisations GDPR compliant

  • Termly


    Termly protects small businesses while saving them thousands of dollars in legal fees. The company's mission is to make it easy for business owners to set up their online compliance, without the hassle of keeping up to date with regulatory changes

  • Trust Hub

    Trust Hub

    trust-hub's mission is to power the safe and compliant use of personal data. The trust-hub innovative platform enables clients to understand their whole personal data ecosystem and supports their journey to personal data governance. The company's unique, award-winning solution provides decision-making dashboards, tools to manage privacy and consent, state-of-the-art encryption and ultra-secure data storage to support compliance, simplify data management and enhance the customer experience

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